Wedding First Dance Lessons

Here at Conwell Dance we have had the pleasure of teaching many couples that 
very special first dance for their wedding, we want your 'First Dance' to be a wonderful 
moment and a memory to cherish forever.

Kevin Conwell is a Fully Qualified Professional Dance Instructor,  he can assess 
couples ability very quickly and then choreograph especially for them to their chosen piece of music; or if they prefer we can advise suitable music for that dance they want to learn.  

Your wedding dance will be taught to you in a comfortable enviroment on a one to one basis with your very own personal instructor. Here is the information regarding our Packages:

The Express Package

3 x 1 Hour Private Lessons £145

This Package is ideal for those looking to learn a Traditional Wedding First Dance. This package will suit you if you want to dance with confidence to something basic, natural & relaxed to match your chosen song and ability.

The Standard Package

5 x 1 Hour Private Lessons £235

This Bespoke Package will suit you if you want to add a bit more content to your First Dance, This is ideal if you want to learn a few more moves to your chosen song and dance them in complete confidence with a chance to Dance in Style! This is tailored if you have more time to learn the Dance and have a refresher lesson towards the Big Day!

The Premium Package

7 x 1 Hour Private Lessons £320

If you want to WOW your guests with a more Choreographed First Dance, A Mashup Dance or a Themed Dance then this is the Package for you. Entertain your guests with an unforgettable experience and one that you will never forget!

For Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Bridal Party Dance or Group Dances please Contact us for more information.

All our Packages include a Music Edit of your chosen song/songs if needed for your First Dance.

Additional Lessons can be Added to Any Package.
Please note that cancellation on any lessons requires 24 hours notice of full amount must be paid.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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